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IRS Problems? State Tax Problems? We Can Help With Your Tax Resolution

If you have tax issues and problems, it’s our job at Peace Of Mind Tax Help to solve them. We will perform background research with the tax authorities to thoroughly understand your tax issue. This will enable us to develop a comprehensive tax resolution strategy where we represent you on your behalf in front of the tax authorities.

After all, very few things are much more stressful and time-consuming than trying to solve a tax problem yourself. Dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities is like being on an endless hamster wheel. Nevertheless, many taxpayers do just this. And unfortunately, end up with a less than optimal tax resolution because they are not familiar with all the tax laws and resolution options. We are because we deal with tax issues every day.

Tax Experts

We are your experts, so you don’t have to be your expert. All tax issues are unique to each taxpayer and have their complexities. Regardless of your needs, as a firm of Enrolled Agents, we can fight all tax issues on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Peace Of Mind Tax Help was founded to help taxpayers like yourself with their IRS and/or state tax issues. We have helped many clients resolve their tax problems so they can get back to living their lives without sleepless nights. In addition to providing IRS resolution services, we also offer state tax resolution support for all 43 states with an income tax.

What Is Tax Resolution?

Tax Resolution is broad and includes many services and options based on relevant tax issues. It is known by several other terms, such as IRS representation, state tax representation, tax controversy, tax problem recovery, and more. But it’s all about helping you resolve a tax problem such as a tax debt to minimize your tax debt or tax problem as much as possible.

The IRS And State Tax Authorities Are Collectors On Steroids

The IRS and state tax authorities are the most significant and potent collection agencies you will ever face. They have powers that other debt collectors wish they had in their arsenal. They can seize bank accounts, garnish wages, levy property, and more without a court judgment.

Their efforts can be disruptive to your life but disastrous as well. Their #1 goal is to protect the government’s interest and get all debts collected. We become your advocate, so that disaster and disruption don’t happen.

There are options available to stop and eliminate these collection efforts, based on eligibility, from preventing levies and garnishments and even reducing your tax liability and putting an affordable payment plan in place. You have a much better chance of positive outcomes with a tax resolution expert on your side and taking immediate action.

Who Can Provide Tax Representation

To obtain tax resolution representation, you are limited to working with designated professionals who have demonstrated competence to provide IRS and state tax representation. These tax representation professionals are an Enrolled Agent (EA), a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and an attorney. They are the only tax professionals that can legally provide tax resolution representation.

Peace Of Mind Tax Help is an Enrolled Agent firm. Some of the most common ways we can provide tax resolution are reducing tax debt, stopping wage garnishments, supporting taxpayers with audits, and reaching a tax relief agreement with the IRS and state tax authorities.

When Do You Need Tax Resolution

If you are receiving tax notices from the IRS or state tax authorities, have had a bank account levied, wages garnished, have unfiled tax returns, or have another tax issue, now is the time to contact Peace Of Mind Tax Help before the tax problem escalates.

The first step to resolution is deciding to take action. We understand that taxes can be a bit daunting and fraught with fear and anxiety, and we want to ensure that you know that you can contact us anytime if you have any specific questions regarding your tax situation. Don’t worry if you think your problem is challenging – your situation is familiar. We are here to help when you are ready.

Peace Of Mind Tax Help Tax Resolution Support

One of your most important rights as a taxpayer is to have a qualified tax resolution professional, such as an Enrolled Agent (EA), represent you in front of the IRS and/or States and provide tax resolution.

When you hire Peace Of Mind Tax Help to represent you with your IRS or state tax problems, we will guide you through the tax resolution process while advocating on your behalf and protecting your interests.

Depending on the matters involved and the tax resolution option, your case may remain open anywhere from a couple months to several years. However, as our client, our efforts will be focused on resolving your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Not To Do When You Have A Tax Problem

Peace Of Mind Tax Help is here to help you because when you’re dealing with a tax issue, the worst thing you can do is do nothing at all. The best decision is to take the necessary first step and to get help now!

If you cannot resolve your tax issue without help, you can get help from the tax resolution professionals at Peace Of Mind Tax Help by starting with a request for a free consultation.

Our goal is to ensure that you pay the least amount of taxes you are legally liable for. We will not allow you to retain our firm’s services unless you are a good candidate for tax resolution. After reviewing your IRS account and other information that you provide us during the free phone consultation, we will let you know what tax relief options are available for you. Based on this assessment and recommendation, we provide a flat-fee quote based on the scope of work to be performed – that way, there are no surprises, and you know what is included.

Please take a look at additional information and advice on some of the more common tax resolution options available, such as IRS Tax Appeals, in which we provide expert tax representation:

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