Do I Need Tax Court Representation?

Dealing with the IRS over a tax debt can be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can go through. While this government agency works for the people. It can often seem as if the system is set up to deliberately confuse and confound taxpayers who are just trying to pay what they really owe. Oftentimes, tax court representation is the last recourse.

Because the tax system is so confusing, many people who are caught in it make the decision to hire tax court representation as their last recourse. Our partner tax attorneys have experience with tax law. And know how to increase the odds of a successful outcome. Most importantly, however, they know how to protect the rights of you, our clients, and save you money.

United States Tax Court

What Does Tax Attorney Representation Do?

There are thousands of rules that make up the United States tax code. Together, they describe all of the tax breaks and rules regarding how people who become delinquent on their taxes should be treated. Making sense of all of these regulations is incredibly difficult and complicated. And a challenge to determine whether you have a viable case.

Tax court representation can help you through the process of determining whether you have a viable case, negotiating with the IRS, and even challenging IRS decisions in court. At Peace Of Mind Tax Help, our tax attorney partners know the process and are familiar with the laws. Often, this means we can save you a lot of time, money, and needless headaches.

When Do I Need Tax Court Help?

Often, people start fighting the IRS on their own. All too often, however, this leads to a lot of frustration. Particularly when the IRS refuses to lower the total amount they say you owe. Because of this, our recommendation is that people with issues get in touch with a tax representative, such as Peace Of Mind Tax Help, as soon as possible.

If you have reached the end of all opportunities to appeal your tax problems and are ready to take your case to a higher level, going to tax court is your last hope.

While this is not the best choice for everyone. It is the taxpayer’s right to petition their case to tax court and have their day in court.

To represent someone in Tax Court, you can hire only an attorney or a non-attorney who has passed exams to practice before the Tax Court. We partner with tax attorneys that can represent you in court while at the same time minimizing the fees that you would normally incur by having all non-tax court activities handled by our team of Enrolled Agent representatives.

You must have experienced tax court representation that cannot only effectively plead your case. But, also provide an honest assessment of whether you have a case.

Do I Have To Go To Tax Court?

In some cases, it is possible to work out a deal with the IRS without going to court. But first, a petition must be filed with the tax court. Even if your case does not go to court, you will want to know that your interests are protected during negotiations.

Tax court representation can ensure that the tax law is being followed and that you don’t have to pay more than you legally owe. In addition, our skilled tax attorney partners have a lot of experience in negotiations and will be aware of laws and regulations that can save you money. In fact, many people who hire tax court representation who never go to tax court walk away knowing that they have gotten a better deal than they would have if they represented themselves.

If your case goes to court, however, having tax court representation can take away a lot of the stress and hassle that comes with a tax case if you try to handle it on your own. Our partner tax attorneys can represent you in court even when you’re at work. You’ll know that an expert in the field is handling your case. Rest assured, the IRS is sending a team of attorneys who are familiar with the law. It’s important to have someone with a lot of experience in this field representing you.

Tax court representation can be a valuable resource for anyone with problems with the IRS. These professionals can negotiate on your behalf and help you to navigate the tax court process.

Peace Of Mind Tax Help Representation

One of your most important rights as a taxpayer is your right to have a qualified tax court representative, such as a tax attorney, represent you in front of the IRS and/or States and provide tax resolution for your tax case.

When you hire Peace Of Mind Tax Help to assist you, we will guide you through the process of tax representation and partnering with a tax attorney while advocating on your behalf and protecting your interests.

Peace Of Mind Tax Help is here to help you because when you’re dealing with a tax issue, the worst thing you can do is do nothing at all. The best decision is to take the necessary first step and address your tax problem now!

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