Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything with our professional services. We believe that if we give our clients a great experience, then growth in sales will eventually come on their own. So, rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we focus on maximizing the service that we provide.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction; it is our top priority. It is our satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our services, you will contact us so we can be made aware of your concerns and find a solution.

If you are still not satisfied with your experience with Peace of Mind Tax Help, you can request a refund (limited to the amounts we collected in fees) with our satisfaction guarantee. Requests for a refund must be submitted within 15 days of payment or before you are presented with a tax resolution plan or tax return for a review, whichever comes first. In representation cases, there is no guaranteed outcome (as no one has control over what the IRS or state may do).

Maximum Refund / Minimum Tax Liability Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax professional, we’ll refund the fees paid.

* Satisfaction Guarantee Claims must be submitted within ten (10) days of your Tax Samaritan return provided for your review.

100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee

If you pay an IRS or state penalty or interest because of a Peace of Mind Tax Relief error, we’ll pay you the penalty and interest as long as the error is reported to us within ten (10) days of notification from the IRS or state.

Audit Support Guarantee

Our Peace of Mind Tax Relief Audit Support Guarantee provides FREE audit guidance from an Enrolled Agent to help you understand why the IRS contacted you, to provide an initial response, and to answer your audit questions. Forget the guesswork and let our experts help you with:

  • FREE one-on-one audit guidance from an experienced tax professional
  • FREE answers to your audit questions, year-round
  • FREE assistance on what to expect and preparing a response

In the event of an audit or tax examination for returns prepared, we can arrange to represent you. Replying to an initial letter is part of our contracted fee, as long as it relates to information disclosed to us in the course of your engagement. Our audit support is limited to five (5) hours of Enrolled Agent support.

An engagement letter will be provided to you for requests of representation and/or fees and expenses to support you beyond the initial five (5) hours of included support.

Got a letter from the IRS or a state or have a question about our satisfaction guarantee? Please let us know right away.