Nine Reasons and How To Avoid Most Tax Resolution Companies

When you are dealing with a tax problem, having a tax professional on your side is highly beneficial. However, not all tax professionals are the same. In fact, many of the tax resolution companies in existence today don’t provide the quality services taxpayers deserve. Below are some of the reasons you should consider avoiding most tax resolution companies.

Reasons To Avoid Most Tax Resolution Companies

1. Poor quality employees.

Many tax resolution companies rely on their employees to bring in a certain number of cases in order to earn a profit. This causes the company to hire people who are good at sales, but not necessarily good at resolving tax problems.

2. High employee turnover.

Because of the company’s heavy reliance on sales, it may fire those employees who aren’t able to bring in enough new clients. As a result, employee turnover is often high.

As a client of the company, this may expose you to employees lacking experience. And, it may also cause you to be tossed from one representative to the next without warning.

3. Unreasonable fees for representation.

Many tax resolution companies ask you to pay exorbitant fees for mediocre service.

If you are paying thousands of dollars to a tax representative who never returns your calls or drags his feet while dealing with your case, it’s time to look for another solution.

4. Deceitful advice.

In many cases, tax resolution companies make promises they can’t keep in order to draw in more customers. One of the most common tactics, for example, involves telling a taxpayer that he or she will qualify for an Offer in Compromise when it is clear that the individual doesn’t qualify. This is a common tax resolution scam or bait in switch with the common misleading message of being able to settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar“.

5. Bad advice.

Some tax resolution companies give taxpayers honest advice, but the advice is bad. This may occur because the tax professional is untrained, inexperienced or just not paying attention. Unfortunately, this bad advice is often detrimental to the client’s case.

6. Using scare tactics to bring in clients.

Another notorious misdeed perpetrated by most tax resolution companies is the use of scare tactics to give clients a sense of urgency. For example, the company may cold call people with tax liens in hopes of convincing them that their case is more serious than it is.

The goal of this tactic is to manipulate the client’s emotions. So that he or she hires the tax resolution company to deal with the issue.

7. Neglecting clients.

Some of the larger tax resolution companies tend to neglect their clients. Allowing them to fall through the cracks and exacerbating their problems with the IRS.

For example, if the company isn’t paying attention, the IRS may place a lien against the taxpayer’s property or enact wage garnishments that can be avoidable.

8. Continuation fees.

Unscrupulous tax resolution companies often charge ridiculous fees when cases change or last for a certain amount of time. Although some fees for continuation may be justified, these fees should not be burdensome for the client.

9. Closing up shop.

Ineffective tax resolution companies can go out of business at any time. If you are a client of a company that goes out of business, you will not only have lost money. But you will also have to find another representative if you still want professional help with your case.

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