IRS Notice CP21B: How to Get Your Tax Refund

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It’s that time of year once again when the mailbox delivers not just bills and flyers, but also the unexpected letters from the IRS. It’s completely normal to feel a sense of unease when an IRS notice arrives. Many people immediately start worrying, wondering if they’ve made mistakes on their tax returns and might now owe a large sum to the IRS. However, not all IRS letters are reason to panic. Among them is the IRS Notice CP21B.

Why Did I Receive an IRS CP21B Notice?

You received a CP21B notice from the IRS because they made the changes you requested in your amended tax return and now qualify you for a refund. Here’s what’s inside an IRS CP21B Notice:

  • The Header Section: This part has vital info like the notice number, date, the tax year in question, your Social Security Number, and an IRS contact number if you need assistance.
  • The Explanation Section: Here, the IRS explains why they modified your tax return and how they calculated your refund.
  • The Refund Amount: On the right side, it tells you the exact amount you’ll be receiving as a refund.
  • The Instructions: The IRS provides instructions on what steps to take next, whether you agree or disagree with the information in the letter.

What Should I Do Next if I Agree with the Notice?

If you agree with what’s in your IRS CP21B Notice, you usually don’t need to do anything. The IRS will process your refund, which you should receive within two to three weeks of the notice date. However, if you have existing tax debts, they may use part or all of your refund to cover those balances. If you haven’t received your refund after three weeks and you’re sure you don’t owe any other taxes or debts, you can contact the IRS using the number on the notice to inquire about your refund status.

What Do I Need to Do if I Don’t Agree with the Changes Made by the IRS?

If you don’t agree with the changes indicated in the letter, you have two options to dispute the IRS decision:

1. Call the IRS: You can contact the IRS using the phone number provided in the notice. When you call, have both your tax return and CP21B notice on hand. An IRS representative will be able to explain the changes and the refund amount in more detail. This will help resolve any discrepancies and express your concerns.

2. Write to the IRS: You can also dispute the changes in writing. If you choose this option, include important information in your dispute letter, such as your Social Security Number, the tax year, and the form number. Send your letter to the address provided at the top of your CP21B notice. Remember to keep a copy of the notice for your records.

What if I haven’t gotten answers after contacting the IRS several times?

If you haven’t received answers from the IRS after making several attempts to contact them, you can reach out to the Taxpayer Advocate Service for assistance. Alternatively, you can seek guidance from tax professionals like Peace of Mind Tax Help. 

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